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Re: Odroid C2 vs. network

Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:
>anyone have a Odroid C2 device?

I have one.

>Due to a stupid accident I killed my setup on it the other day and while
>I am *very* sure I had been loged into it over the network that day
>(before I tried to update to -current and broke it), I now am totaly
>unable to find any version of NetBSD where the awge0 works on it.
>I can send packets just fine, but never receive anything.
>U-Boot is happy to tftp load files for me, so hardware/server side are
>Any hints or ideas?

I last updated mine on Saturday. It would work for a while but then slow
down with a lot of awge0 interrupts.

I have some extra debug code in dwc_gmac.c to call dwc_dump_status() if
there is an error but to continue, it looks to run out of transmit
buffers quite often but then switched to a different pattern of errors.

I was just trying to copy in a new userland over NFS.

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