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Re: pinebook status update (20200622)

From: Benny Siegert <bsiegert%gmail.com@localhost>
Subject: Re: pinebook status update (20200622)
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 14:50:59 +0200

> Hey Jun,
> a few remarks from my side:

Thanx!! update with your comment.

> On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 2:35 PM Jun Ebihara <jun%soum.co.jp@localhost> wrote:
>> - firefox76 works,firefox77 stucked on my environment
> Try 77.0.1nb1. Works for me on Pinebook Pro, including accelerated graphics.


>> - System Clocks
>>  % sysctl -a |grep freq
> Install estd from pkgsrc and start it on bootup for automatic up-/downscaling.

pinebookpro# pkg_add estd
The following files should be created for estd-0.11nb3:

        /etc/rc.d/estd (m=0755)

pinebookpro# cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/estd /etc/rc.d/estd
pinebookpro# echo estd=YES >> /etc/rc.conf
pinebookpro# /etc/rc.d/estd start
Starting estd.

>> - USB Wifi: urtwn0 works
>>  urtwn0: I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. (0x4bb) WN-G150UM (0x94c)
> Same here. I gather internal Wi-Fi does not work well for you either?

pinebook pro bwfm0 seems still some stuck troubles.

>> - libreoffice
>>   g95 need aarch64--netbsd support

I start with it.

>>  on pinebook pro,with bundled Linux image, first disable eMMC with
>>  switch inside,and boot MicroSD.
> You don't need the switch. Insert microSD, boot (Linux from eMMC comes
> up), hit "Restart", it will boot from microSD. I recommend dd'ing to
> eMMC for installation, the eMMC is faster.
> See also my latest blog post:
> https://bentsukun.ch/posts/pinebook-pro-netbsd/

Jun Ebihara

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