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Re: ffmpeg4 build problems

I wrote:
>Jun Ebihara <jun%soum.co.jp@localhost> wrote:
>>I wrote:
>>> I am seeing errors on aarch64 when multimedia/mplayer tries to load one
>>> of the ffmpeg4 libraries:
>>> /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg4/libavcodec.so.58: text relocations
>>> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>>compiled with my pinebook 9.99.56
>Your build has text relocations too, they seem to be from the aarch64
>version of fft_neon.S
>000000000062df10 <fft_tab_neon>:
>  62df10:	000b28c0 	.inst	0x000b28c0 ; undefined
>			62df10: R_AARCH64_RELATIVE	*ABS*+0xb28c0
>  62df14:	00000000 	.inst	0x00000000 ; undefined
>  62df18:	000b28f4 	.inst	0x000b28f4 ; undefined
>			62df18: R_AARCH64_RELATIVE	*ABS*+0xb28f4
>  62df1c:	00000000 	.inst	0x00000000 ; undefined

I found a fix for this here:


Have made a pkgsrc patch containing it and it seems to have avoided the
text relocations, though not sure what kind of video would trigger this
code path.

There is equivalent code in the arm subdirectory but it isn't getting
built for me on a cubietruck.

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