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raspberry pi HOWTO questions

I have just updated the HOWTO at


to note that aarch64 support is available from -9 onwards.

I have a few questions, and will update the HOWTO if anyone can answer
them confidently:

  Does one need to do anything extra on a 0 or 0W?  (There is a notion
  of extra fdt files, but I am guessing that as of -9, it just works.)

  Does the RPI3 builtin bluetooth work on 9?  on current?

  The howto says "RPI3 new SD host controller driver" is in current.
  True?  Also in 9?  (I gather this is a prereq for the wifi.)

  I know there has been a lot of work on RPI3 builtin wifi.  Does that
  work on 9?  On current?  Only if one does extra stuff?

  NetBSD 7 is technically not deprecated yet, but it seems obvious that
  no one installing on a RPI should use it.  So I wonder about 1) saying
  that and 2) removing details about NetBSD 7 from the HOWTO.

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