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Re: 2019-11-09-netbsd-armv7-earmv7hf.img

pimininca%gmail.com@localhost (pimin inwa) writes:

>NetBSD on RPI noobie here:
>Trying this on an RPI-3B+.

>>> ToDo:
>>>- check pkgsrc/sysutils/u-boot-* with installboot

>I'm guessing that 's for the boot blocks?   When I dd the image to an SD
>fdisk shows me the PBR is zero.  So what boot blocks do I need to make the
>SD bootable?

The RPI doesn't use boot blocks. Instead you have a boot partition.

>0: Primary 'big' DOS, 16-bit FAT (> 32MB) (sysid 6)
>    start 8192, size 188416 (92 MB, Cyls 0/130/3-12/60/48)

This is the boot partition containing bootloader files and also the

>1: NetBSD (sysid 169)
>    start 458752, size 4456448 (2176 MB, Cyls 28/141/50-305/244/3)
>        PBR is not bootable: All bytes are identical (0x00)

This is the NetBSD root filesystem.

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