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Heads up: TI OMAP3 and AM335x switched to FDT

I've removed the BEAGLEBOARD, BEAGLEBOARDXM, and BEAGLEBONE kernels in -current as these SoCs are now supported by the GENERIC kernel. Make sure you use a recent mainline U-Boot, preferably one new enough to support UEFI (they are in pkgsrc).

Thanks to sevan@ for help with testing on boards that I don't have.

BeagleBoard: https://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi?do=view&id=5183
BeagleBoard xM: https://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi?do=view&id=5182
BeagleBone Black: https://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi?do=view&id=5178
PocketBeagle: https://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi?do=view&id=5179


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