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Re: Pinebook install instructions?

> On Jul 31, 2019, at 9:03 PM, Andy Ruhl <acruhl%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 5:08 PM Jared McNeill <jmcneill%invisible.ca@localhost> wrote:
>>> Are there instructions on how to build this image myself?
>> 1) Install sysutils/u-boot-pinebook
>> 2) Grab arm64.img.gz from a release build and uncompress it
>> 3) dd if=/usr/pkg/share/u-boot/pinebook/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=arm64.img bs=1k seek=8 conv=notrunc
> I saw that from what Harold said above, as well. I wasn't very clear.
> Is there a build script to do this automatically? If you don't want to
> give it away, that's fine.

There's an easier way to install the boot loader into the image... you can use installboot (or "nbinstallboot" from the tools you use to cross-build NetBSD) from the netbsd-9 branch.

See https://netbsd.gw.com/cgi-bin/man-cgi?installboot++NetBSD-current

Here's an example quoted from the man page:

     Install the U-boot boot loader for a Pinebook into an image that will be
     written to an SDMMC card:

           installboot -m evbarm -o board=pine64,pinebook arm64.img

> I think what you are saying is:
> Do the three steps above then build aarch64 and put it on a ffs
> partition after the msdos partition with the bootloader.
> Like Harold said, easier to just use the image... I'll probably just
> do that and build my own kernels.

Once you have installed the image onto your boot media, you don't have to blast the image on there again.  You can just unpack new binaries whenever you want to update.

-- thorpej

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