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Re: earm(v5) not working on RPi

Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:
>On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 01:02:09PM +0100, Robert Swindells wrote:
>> Program terminated with signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
>> #0  0x7bc0e144 in ?? ()
>can you show the instruction that trapped? like
>	x/16i 0x7bc0e138

(gdb) x/16i 0x7bc0e138
   0x7bc0e138:  Register 25 is not available

Another data point, I get the same behaviour for an arm64 host, 7.1
earmv4 works, 8.1 earmv4 dumps core. Maybe my page size idea was wrong.

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