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Re: non-PCI driver name lookup

> On Jul 7, 2019, at 3:23 PM, Robert Swindells <rjs%fdy2.co.uk@localhost> wrote:
> The pinebook uses the modesetting X11 driver.
> An application that calls DRI2Connect() doesn't get back valid values
> for device name and driver name so typically assumes that DRI2 isn't
> available.
> This looks to be down to how libdrm tries to work out which driver is
> being used from an open file descriptor. I presume the NetBSD specific
> code in it does work for PCI devices but it looks like we need to add
> something for display devices that are built into the CPU.

We could add a wsdisplay ioctl for it and have it return an OFW / FDT-style 'compatible' string list.  We could even make the PCI devices follow the same protocol, and in that case the compatible string could be "pciVVVV,PPPP", where "VVVV" == vendor ID in hex and "PPPP" == product ID in hex.


-- thorpej

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