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NetBSD 6.0 and earmv7hf


Trying to compile some tools (such as rsync) to run on an Apple Airport 
Extreme Time Capsule.

That beast runs NetBSD 6.0 and has a Cortex A9 Broadcom SOC.

Also have some older Time Capsules here that run NetBSD 4.0, no problem 
compiling for that device, it runs a Marvell SOC, armv5te which NetBSD 4.0 
fully supports.

However running NetBSD 6.0 in a VM and trying to create the crosscompiler it 
appears that NetBSD 6.0 does not support the earmv7hf machine/architecture.

Weird; because how did Apple then succeed to install NetBSD 6.0 on the 

How to go about compiling, say rsync, for the NetBSD 6.0 TC's earmv7hf 
architecture? Any tips?

BTW; why does the NetBSD community not keep the packages archives for older 
versions; the binaries for the OS are kept but not the packages 



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