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sdmmc on Kirkwood?

I have a number of PogoPlugs running as NAT routers, DNS servers, et cetera. I've hardly had to touch them - they just run forever. I decided to update one of them to netbsd-8 from a week ago. This one is a PogoPlug v4 with a SATA port, with root on a SATA SSD.

Even though it has been compiled with MVSDIO_MAX_CLOCK="(19 * 1000)", and even though there's no SD card in the slot, dmesg shows a constant stream of the following with a continuous 10% system load:

sdmmc0: sdmmc_mem_enable failed with error 60

Inserting an SD card brings the system load to about 95%, and the machine runs noticeably slower. The error messages stay the same - no SD card is recognized.

Does anyone have any thoughts about what might've changed to cause this issue, or what I can try to see about fixing it?


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