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Pinebook: possible backlight issue

I haven't yet got NetBSD running on my pinebook.

Here's what I did: I wrote Jared's image (I tried different versions)
to SD card and booted from that. I can tell that the kernel gets loaded
and run as I can see the keyboard leds flash and there's a cracking noise
after a certain time when the sound chip gets probed. But I don't get
any console messages or other output on the screen. No Pinebook cone, no
logo, rien, nothing, nada. As even in darkness no glow can be seen from
the display, I think that the backlight remains off during the entire boot

I know that (the pre-installed) Linux likes to play games with the backlight
in order to suppress output during boot until user mode is reached. I
disabled that, but to no avail. My suspicion is that Linux somehow
influences the backlight settings stored in the sunxi flash memory.

Any help is appreciated.

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