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Xilinx Zynq and Amlogic S905 snapshots

I have put snapshots of WIP on ftp.n.o for switching the Xilinx Zynq
code to use device tree and for a port to the ODROID-C2 (Amlogic S905).

Neither work but maybe they are useful to someone else.

The zynq patches + new files is at:


It boots using the default u-boot on a Parallella to the point where
it panics due to there not being any timers registered as the a9tmr
can't find its input clock.

The slcr driver for clocks and resets is just a stub.

ODROID-C2 files are at:


Boots to the point where it tries to find a root filesystem but
doesn't do anything after this.

Again no driver for clocks and resets.

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