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Re: Help with device tree overlays on RPI

> On Nov 12, 2018, at 7:27 AM, Robert Swindells <rjs%fdy2.co.uk@localhost> wrote:
> Jason Thorpe <thorpej%me.com@localhost> wrote:
>> I'm trying to use a device tree overlay for a hardware project I'm
>> working on.
> I didn't even know you could split device tree binaries into overlays.

It's particularly helpful on things like RPI, etc... a lot of the folks who make add-on boards supply a .dtbo for their board, and the RPI firmware even supports reading the overload from an EERPOM on the board.  That's essentially what I'm doing (sans the EEPROM).

> The official Parallella Linux images had a complete .dtb to match each
> FPGA build even though most of the entries would be the same.
> Why not just create a new .dtb with your extra stuff as well as the
> standard RPI entries

I could do that, but it'd be gross.  I'd rather use the overlay mechanism if I can get it to work.

-- thorpej

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