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Re: wget cores on RPI2 8.0_RC1 in libcrypto

Mayuresh <mayuresh%acm.org@localhost> writes:

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0x7fef80e8 in ?? ()
    (gdb) where
    #0  0x7fef80e8 in ?? ()
    #1  0x0002aa94 in read_http_response_head (fd=<optimized out>) at http.c:581
    #2  gethttp (u=u@entry=0x76422080, hs=hs@entry=0x7fef8538, dt=dt@entry=0x7fef8874, proxy=proxy@entry=0x0, iri=iri@entry=0x764120a0, count=count@entry=1, original_url=0x76422080) at http.c:3387
    #3  0x0002e0c4 in http_loop (u=u@entry=0x76422080, original_url=original_url@entry=0x76422080, newloc=newloc@entry=0x7fef87d4, local_file=local_file@entry=0x7fef87dc, referer=referer@entry=0x0, dt=dt@entry=0x7fef8874, proxy=proxy@entry=0x0, iri=iri@entry=0x764120a0) at http.c:4363
    #4  0x00039448 in retrieve_url (orig_parsed=orig_parsed@entry=0x76422080, origurl=0x7641e050 "https://www.google.com";, file=file@entry=0x7fef886c, newloc=newloc@entry=0x7fef8870, refurl=<optimized out>, refurl@entry=0x0, dt=dt@entry=0x7fef8874, recursive=false, iri=iri@entry=0x764120a0, register_status=register_status@entry=true) at retr.c:957
    #5  0x000617fc in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at

That doesn't look familiar, but I have a dim memory of a similar issue,
months ago, on a RPI3, netbsd-8.   I was similarly confused by the early
SIGILL, which I then figured out was openssl probing what was available
for dynamic selection of optimized code.

You might want to try -O0, to avoid so much being optimized out.

I would also select frame 2 and look at the variables being used to call
read_http_response_head, and see if they (pointers and contents) are all

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