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Re: RPI3, heatsinks, throttling

gdt%lexort.com@localhost (Greg Troxel) writes:

>I am curious about the RPI3 in a normal top/bottom case, and the
>necessity/wisdom of heatsinks, and I don't see anything in the netbsd
>wiki page.

There is no absolute need for cooling as the rpi3 will throttle to not exceed the limits. If you want to avoid this then heatsinks alone will not help, you need to assure sufficient air flow (use a fan) too.

The rpi3+ handles this better but will eventually throttle too, but usually not that much.

>I wonder if NetBSD -8 and -current will actually drop CPU speed back
>automatically due to high temperatures?

NetBSD will not do anything, this is a function of the firmware.

>Is it sane to run MAKE_JOBS=8 on a RPI3?  With or without a heatsink (in
>a case)?

Depending on what you start you will probably run out of memory first.

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