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RPI: * failed to add service - already in use?

Hi all,

I can't get any program to run that tries to use GPU acceleration on
my RPI 1b rev2 (earmv6hf).
Tried this with both a self-built image and Jun's latest image (so 8.99.12),

Even hello_triangle.bin under /usr/pkg/src, part of
raspberrypy-userland, returns this error when run:

 * failed to add service - already in use?

With Linux this error message has historically been caused by firmware
issues, or a suboptimal gpu_mem split. I've tried gpu_mem=32, 64, 128
and even 256, to no avail.
I've also swapped the firmware for older versions that I've been using
on my RPI2 with NetBSD (same version).

Has anyone here had any luck with recent builds? Or is this a send-pr?


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