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Re: state of Raspberry PI support?

Hi Greg --

I backported the RPI3 changes back to netbsd-7 in July, so all of netbsd-7, netbsd-8, and -current should work on it.

Hardware support in -7 and -8 should be more or less the same. A few changes in -current off the top of my head:

 - New SD host controller driver for Raspberry Pi 3 boards
 - Bluetooth support

I'd say if you don't need bluetooth, stick with 8!


On Sun, 8 Oct 2017, Greg Troxel wrote:

I see that there is newly spiffed up Allwinner wiki info!

I last paid attention to RPI a few years ago and am about to install a
machine or two.   It would be really nice if the RPI page


explained about the RPI3, and whether 7, 8, and current work.  (My
impression is that 8 and current are fine on RPI3, but not 7.)

At this point I am not finding 7 of much interest for new installs
unless there is concern for production stability.  But I am unclear if
there are good reasons to run current instead of 8 on a PI3, if what I
want to do is random normal stuff (use a USB disk to be a semi-NAS), and
GPIO, including I2C, for attached sensors.  Overall, I'd rather stick to
8 on machines that I want to use (vs test current on).

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