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Re: RAIDframe

Alex Ivanov <gnidorah%p0n4ik.tk@localhost> writes:

> Snorlax <snorlax_vs_topcat <at> hotmail.com> writes:
>> Does anybody have experience with RAIDframe on the 
>> evbarm port?
>> Like whether it is stable and such.
> It works ok for me, but is it possible to boot root from
> RAIDframe RAID1 mirror on NetBSD/evbarm?

I've never heard of that working.  I would suggest that you read the
source code for the bootblocks.  The basic idea, implemented in i386,
amd64, and I think sparc and sparc64 and perhaps others, is that during
boot, if the boot partition is of type RAID (instead of ufs1 whatever
those boot blocks expect), then the 64-block raid header is skipped.

See src/sys/arch/i386/stand/lib/biosdisk.c:

        if (d->part[partition].fstype == FS_RAID)
                d->boff += RF_PROTECTED_SECTORS;

The tricky part is that every platforms boot process is different
because it has to conform to platform-local conventions including how it
gets launched by the hardware/ROM.

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