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Re: Exynos?

On 7 April 2014 15:02, Joachim Thiemann <joachim.thiemann%gmail.com@localhost> 
>.  I have my
> Chromebook in developer mode and it quite happily has u-boot loading
> an unsigned kernel (possibly through some chainloading thing).  I'm
> not sure I grok the full boot sequence of the arch sd card quite yet
> (esp. regarding the u-boot script) but I do know there is a partition
> formatted as ext2 with only one file (vmlinux.uimg) that (AFAIK) comes
> straight from the arch repositories.  My naive hope is that I could
> just plop a u-bootable netbsd kernel in there.

That reminds me I joined this mailing list just about after buying the
Chromebook in October 2012 (I was one of the first to buy it from
Amazon UK. I sent it back a couple of weeks later, silly me!) because
I started to get frustrated with Linux on ARM and I was looking for an
alternative OS.


> (And ARM chromebooks can be found surprisingly cheap second hand
> because they are not what some people expect they would be)

I don't know where you are located (Germany?). I am now in the
Netherlands and they're nowhere to be found. On Amazon UK the only
cheap second-hand are heavily scratched. I'd rather pay full price if
it is in good condition.


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