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Re: /dev/bpf0 (Re: 2013-11-08-netbsd-raspi.img)

On 11/22/13 10:22, Nick Hudson wrote:
On 11/22/13 04:55, Jun Ebihara wrote:
on rpi.img nowadays:(2013-10-20: ok,2013-11-08: fail)

# ls -l /dev/bpf0
lrwx------   1 611   wheel      3 Nov 21 00:30 bpf0 -> bpf

what is "611"?
To use bpf,once delete bpf0,and ln -s bpf bpf0 again.

It's the autobuild user. I have  a fix for /dev population.

Which I've commited with



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