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Re: armadaxp_splfuncs.c


From: Matt Thomas <matt%3am-software.com@localhost>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 06:33:44 -0700

>> That armadaxp_splfuncs.c of semihalf is under in arm/pic feels me dirty.
>> Moreover, a character string called armadaxp is contained in files.pic now.
>> file   arch/arm/pic/pic_splfuncs.c             pic & pic_splfuncs & !armadaxp
>> file   arch/arm/pic/armadaxp_splfuncs.c        pic & pic_splfuncs & armadaxp
>> Since it comes out, I propose moving this to under arm/marvell.
>> Furthermore, I enabled it to also use general SPL functions arm/pic.
>> # tested on SHEEVAPLUG and OPENBLOCKS_AX3.
>> I will commit at next weekend.
> It looks like ARAMDAXP has a h/w pic with priorities.
> It should use the PIC hooks I added for GIC to deal with it.
> Look at arm/cortex/gic.c 

That is, armadaxp_splfuncs.c is removed and __HAVE_PIC_SET_PRIORITY
and pic_set_priority is added to armadaxp.c?
I think that this is a good method.  :-)

# Since I am busy next weekend, probably it will correct at the week
# after next.

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