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Re: ARM SEGV problem

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
>From: Petri Laakso <petri.laakso%asd.fi@localhost>
>Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 22:01:09 +0300
>> Thank you! This indeed solved problems with SEGV programs at init time.
>> Now I get stuck when I try to enter multiuser.
>> WARNING: no TOD clock present
>> WARNING: using filesystem time
>> init path (default /sbin/init):
>> init: trying /sbin/init
>> Wed Sep 11 18:24:32 UTC 2013
>> ... nothing happens after this.
>My OPENBLOCKS_A6 works on multi user at yestoday sources.
># However I have not time to test on OpenBlocksAX3 at today...  X-<

My SheevaPlug is fine running with userland from yesterday and was
able to rebuild several big packages overnight.

Thanks for the fix.

Robert Swindells

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