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Re: qemu for rpi emulation

On 8/15/13 10:12 AM, Matt Thomas wrote:
On Aug 15, 2013, at 4:05 AM, Sergio López <slp%sinrega.org@localhost> wrote:

2013/8/14 matthew sporleder <msporleder%gmail.com@localhost>:
Okay.  I still need a little more guidance.  Is one of the gzimage bootable?
I downloaded your netbsd.gz.ub and got it to boot into asking for a root
device, but I'd like to produce something from build.sh (+ other tools if
necessary) so I have some control over customizing it.
You should be able to cross compile all you need the usual way:

- Tools: ./build.sh -U -u -m evbarm tools
- Kernel: ./build.sh -u -m evbarm kernel=INTEGRATOR_CP
- Userland: ./build.sh -U -u -m evbarm
You should be using evbearm-el these days.

While I agree with this, I think we should come up with a documented migration path from netbsd-6 to netbsd-7 which discusses the differences between arm and earm, and how to do compatibility for old binaries. Most arm folks will likely not be "upgrading" but "reinstalling" - but should we cover the upgrading case as well?


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