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Re: NetBSD on BeagleBone Black HOW-TO

On Tue, 23 Jul 2013 06:24:08 +0000 (UTC)
John Klos <john%klos.com@localhost> wrote:

> First, starting with the serial port, the six pin header's pinout is not 
> listed in the BeagleBone SRM.
The pinout is in the Wiki. Start here:
Where you can find a link to:

I used a cheap USB serial adapter, originaly intended as "data cable"
for a Siemens cell phone. Works well.

> U-boot is a multistage bootloader. I'll take the opportunity to explain it 
> for people who don't want to read pages and pages of irrelevant 
> information to infer how it works.
John, many thanks for your explanations. I had to fight U-Boot
recently. A rather frustrating experience. You explanations will help
me a lot for the things I plan to do in the future. Again: Thanks! :-)

BTW: Olimex is designing a smal board based on the AM3352. Given the
existing code for BeagleBone / BeagleBone Black it shouldn't be hard
to grow support for it.



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