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Re: BeagleBone Black boot information

John Klos <john%ziaspace.com@localhost> wrote:
>Why is the kernel compiled with:
>  load addr:   0x80300000
>  entry point: 0x80300000
>yet when I try to load and boot the kernel there, it fails:

I don't have a BeagleBone Black but have used u-boot on the SheevaPlug.

The u-boot image has a header in front of the NetBSD kernel, before
running the kernel it is copied to the address that is stored in that

This means that you need to get u-boot to load it to somewhere that
doesn't overlap with the eventual execution address.

Since there is always going to be a copy operation you may find it
boots faster if you use netbsd.gz.ub instead.

Robert Swindells

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