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Re: Observations on LG_NAS, mvgbe0 issue?

> I'm using an LG_NAS config that i might not have committed but is basicly
> tweaks on the standard MARVELL config. It is disabling mvgbe1 since probing
> this hangs the machine and it adds the yet-unprobed CD drive. Are there other
> reasons why i should choose the MV2120 over the standard MARVELL to base on?

The only way I will be knowing is with the dmesg. Could you please
send it across.
The documentation I am finding here is that what ever I send across is
the same as
Marvell.Proof (http://www.netbsd.org/~msaitoh/atf/20121013-6/dmesg.log)

@msaitoh, will be a better person to answer.
-- Sujit K M


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