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rpi img comments

I put the rpi.img.gz (from a window yesterday where current built) onto
an 8G SD, and it booted, found the ethernet, got a v4 and v6 (stateless)
address, and generally worked.


  dmesg buffer isn't nearly big enough; /var/run/demsg.boot is missing
  most of the interesting stuff.

  The filesystem is very small.  I don't know if it's trying to fit in
  some SD card size (seems not).  It might make sense to target fitting
  in 2G and make some free space.  Or to have a mk.conf variable with
  the target sd card size, so I can custom-make one for my 8G card.

  console output/scrolling seems slow.

  it's cool to see bcmrng in rndctl -l

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