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Re: Latest RaspberryPI image

In article <6B60A22C-39A6-47BB-AE1E-1AE9E4B9FD76%bsdimp.com@localhost>,
Warner Losh  <imp%bsdimp.com@localhost> wrote:
>On Mar 4, 2013, at 5:47 PM, Andy Ruhl wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 5:43 PM, Lloyd Parkes
>> <lloyd%must-have-coffee.gen.nz@localhost> wrote:
>>> It would be nice if the 2GB images that various people are making
>were less than two billion bytes long. I have a 2GB SD card that is 2GB
>measured with vendor GB rather than real GB and I find it a bit irksome
>that every time I download an image I still can't use my 2GB card.
>> I respectfully agree. I have a 2GB card that has this problem.
>> I ended up formatting the card manually, then mounting the image and
>> copying everything over. It works, but it's extra effort.
>We should be making an image that is 3,900,000 sectors in size, which
>translates to 1,996,800,000 bytes in size, which is enough below 2GB to
>cover all bases.

The image we are distributing is lot smaller than that and it has swap
and X. We can make it < 1G if we want to.


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