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Re: Latest RaspberryPI image

On 1/20/13 1:40 AM, Sébastien Bocahu wrote:
Hey Jeff,

I am currently in the process of bulk building some evbarm packages
for 6.0;

Are there any particular binary packages people will want?  I'm
working on speeding up evbarm pbulk builds, but they're still
*SLOW*, so I'm prioritizing.
Same problem here I haven't got a cluster of dual core ARM yet ;)

I tried to run NetBSD/evbarm in qemu, but all my tests failed (I mostly tried 
verdex kernel, there is a thread about the gumstix kernel that would boot in 
in the archives. Sadly it boots up to a kernel panic).

The aim was to use a powerfull 16 cores i7 machine to compile with distcc.

Have you ever tried running NetBSD/evbarm in Qemu ? Any help would be
appreciated !

I used to build packages for Linux/Zaurus this way a few years ago. It speeds up
a lot !

I have spent some time on and off getting NetBSD/evbarm working under qemu for this very reason. I am *close* using qemu-linaro and its beagleboard emulation, but it dies somewhere early, I believe in cpu_setup(). My working assumption is that qemu doesn't emulate something we need, but I haven't had time to spend on it in a few days.

I would dearly like this to work. Anyone else getting NetBSD/evbarm (or any other arm platform) to run under qemu, please let me know!


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