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Re: New Raspberry Pi image

Hi Nick,

the image from January 10th boots faster and feels more responsive.
For example, when I scp a file from localhost to localhost, the
throughput is 1.0 - 1.2 MB/s with that image. In contrast, with the
image from yesterday throughput is only 750 kb/s. I testet the recent
FreeBSD image, too. It achieves 1.5 MB/s throughput in that test.

As for X, it works but sometimes the Pi reboots when I start the
server. It also crashed one time when exiting X.

I am interested in the changes that were made between the 2 releases.
I´m also interested in a list of open issues
(missing/incomplete/unstable things).



2013/1/24 Nick Hudson <skrll%netbsd.org@localhost>:
> Hi,
> Here's a new Raspberry Pi image. Hopefully a lot of the USB crashes have
> been fixed, but there are still more to fix.
> http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/skrll/rpi-20130124.img
> http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/skrll/rpi-20130124.img.bz2
> http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/skrll/rpi-20130124.img.gz
> MD5 (rpi-20130124.img) = a551631db099b7afe54efe3601e32b77
> MD5 (rpi-20130124.img.bz2) = 80b636794d560f78b4abe5fe935a7931
> MD5 (rpi-20130124.img.gz) = 23ba60619e8b21058c2925b6378a1274
> The image contains all the sets apart from the debug ones and can run X
> without modification.
> No password is set on the root account.
> Nick

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