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Re: Netbsd on hawkboard

In article <20121018063558.GA25314@Hardy>,
Sughosh Ganu  <urwithsughosh%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>My friend and I have worked on porting Netbsd on hawkboard, which
>has TI's OMAPL-138 SOC. We have been able to boot with the root on the
>usb -- getting networking to work is on
>our TODO list. This work was based on the 5.1.2 release, and we are
>currently working on forward-porting the changes to -current.
>We want to submit these changes upstream, and had a couple of doubts
>about patch submission.
>- the documentation says that any change can be submitted only against
>  a PR. Can we open a PR for this patch submission.

Yes, it is best to submit it as a PR; but if you can't you could post
it here or a link to it so we can review it.

>- Are the patches to be based on -current, or the latest stable
>  release.


>- Is there some document which lists the things that need to be taken
>  care of before submitting the changes -- other open source projects
>  like u-boot have such documentation which specifically mentions the
>  do's and don'ts for patch submission.

You have to follow the style guidelines (/usr/share/misc/style) and
your code should have comments where they need to be and avoid kludges.

>This is my first mail to any netbsd mailing list, so apologies in
>advance if i have broken any rules :)

Congratulations, and welcome to NetBSD... We are pretty relaxed here...


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