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OLinuXino (was: Re: Raspberry PI)

On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 10:59:41 +0300
Petri Laakso <petri.laakso%asd.fi@localhost> wrote:

> I made simple stand alone binary which initializes clocks, power,
> DRAM etc. Sort of a boot loader. sys/arch/evbarm/stand/bootimx23
> on my fossil repo.
Ahh, OK. I missd that at first sight. So you don't use the Freescale
bootlets and do the stuff yourself. That's good because it creats no
additional dependencies.

> Then, using elftosb I baked bootimx23.elf and NetBSD kernel in to
> a sb image and wrote it to a SD card.
Can you supply a NetBSD sb-image to me? I'd like to try this with the
mxsldr USB bootstraper.

> I am doing this against netbsd-6 tree. Should I change to -current
> and prepare patch for that?
Yes. Such new things go into -current and are not allowed in a release

> I also can do little writeup how to prepare SD card, partitions and
> generally how to get things going.
Yes, please. I'd like to reproduce your success. :-)

> Nice to hear you compiled elftosb2 for NetBSD. We will need that :-)
Well. I badly hacked it to mimic a Linux-host to the source. This needs
to be done in a much cleaner fashion. Did you use a Linux binary?

> This is how it looks at the moment:
Thats quite a lot. :-)
You have done all the nasty low level stuff (that I don't like ;-)

I sugest this as the next steps:
- You keep hacking on the kernel stuff. :-)
- I'll integrate elftosb2 and mxsldr into the NetBSD source tree.
- When elftosb2 is ready you supply me a patch against -current.
- I'll commit it to the NetBSD CVS repository, if the portmaster has no
  objections. It is very early stuff and unfinished. But I like to get
  it into the official CVS repository early to ensure that nothing gets
  lost and to give others an easy way to contribute.



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