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NetBSD on Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1

Hello folks,

I have a Sharp Netwalker MID (see
<http://www.pulster.de/info/pdas/netwalker/netwalker-faq.htm>) and
(for a variety of reasons) would like to run NetBSD on it.
By googleing I have found out that there seems to be some support
for this device in the evbarm port.

Could someone please clarify the state of the port?
* What is the current state of netwalker support in the evbarm port?
* Which steps should I take? I'm grateful for any info.
* There doesn't seem to be a prebuilt kernel that I can use (at least
   I haven't found one). Can I cross-compile the kernel on an
   i386 machine?

Many thanks in advance for your help. I will be happy to answer any
questions that might arise :)

Best Regards,


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