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Re: OpenRD-client booting NetBSD-current

Hi! Matt,

From: Matt Thomas <matt%3am-software.com@localhost>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 19:35:39 -0700

> I've actually had this box a long time but it's been on loan but that
> person never did anything with it so I reclaimed it.
> I figured I'd just boot a SHEEVEPLUG_INSTALL and it would running.
> Alas, it wasn't that easy.  after tftp'ing a uboot image with gzip'd
> netbsd, it would just act flakey with random faults return control
> to u-boot.
> Turns out the default boot address 0x80000 was in memory u-boot was
> using and u-boot overwrote something it needed.  So I moved the
> boot address to 0x800000 (8MB) and it still flaked.  So I thought
> let's not try a gzip'ed kernel image but a normal image.  And that
> worked fine.  

I think that the machine by which the SoC of Marvell is operating
has very many memories.
We consider that it is better to set a default configuration to 8M
or 16M.

Isn't the value of mk.marvell changed? 


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