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Re: bpf device creation as part of MAKEDEV ramdisk

> On 13 August 2012 21:11, Paul Fleischer <xpg%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have noticed that evbarm install kernels do not have the /dev/bpf
>> devices, meaning that DHCP configuration is not possible.
>> The patch below adds bpf-devices to the ramdisk target of evbarm's
>> This follows the behaviour of MAKEDEV ramdisk in other ports (cats,
>> dreamhost, evbsh3, mac68k, sandpoint, shark, and vax).
>> Ok to commit?
> Makes sense to me...
I think this is also missing from hpcarm. The last time I tried installing
over the network I had to assign an IP address manually. I tried searching
cvsweb.netbsd.org, but I can't find where MAKEDEV lives. I'd like to check
this out for hpcsh as well since the installation kernels are new to 6.0.


Jason M.

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