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Re: ARM-based low-power server

On 4 June 2012 14:16, Edgar Fuß <ef%math.uni-bonn.de@localhost> wrote:
> I'm looking for an ARM-based board to serve as a low-power server.
> I would need Ethernet, mass storage (SATA), and a RS-232 port or USB.

Let me add another, the Sim.One, which is the same SoC as the ts-7200,
but has more, costs less.
200MHz ARMv4t, 64MB RAM, SD card, ether, serial, VGA, audio in/out...
Debian with support for its FPU.
Max TCP bandwidth for this SoC is 3Mbyte/sec over ethernet, not
11Mbyte/s as it has to do the checksums in software.

i guess you'd want USB storage instead of SATA.

About 100E for a complete system, amd being in europe you avoid import
tax and cross-atlantins shipping

Info: simplemachines.it/sim.one
Shop: 4star.it

(Disclaimer: I did the software for it)


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