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Re: ARM-based low-power server

Edgar Fuss wrote:
>I'm looking for an ARM-based board to serve as a low-power server.
>My venerable SparcStation 10 has been doing this flawlessly for some ten years,
>but draining some 80 Watts of power makes me feel uncomfortable.
>I would need Ethernet, mass storage (SATA), and a RS-232 port or USB.
>There seems to be a wealth of boards like the Seagate FreeAgent DockStor, the
>Raspberry Pi, Android-PC and variuos *Plugs---if I would like to use PenguinOS.
>However, I would like to stay with what I'm used to. So, has NetBSD bee ported
>to any of these boards? Are there NAS appliances or such known to run NetBSD?

The last time anyone asked this question there seemed to be a
consensus that it was hard to beat the HP Microserver (amd64) on
price. I don't know how much power it consumes though, mine has an
extra network card so it wouldn't be totally accurate if I were to try
to measure it.

I also have a SheevaPlug and it works well for me, versions with a
SATA port seem to be more expensive.

Robert Swindells

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