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Re: Kirkwood hang on boot; possibly uninitialised bss

Kate F wrote:
>I'm using NetBSD-current on a D-Link DNS-325 NAS. It's a Marvell
>Kirkwood 88F6281, which appears to be supported by the evbarm port
>according to the kernel source.
>My problem is a hang when booting.
>I've made myself a kernel using the sys/arch/evbarm/conf/DNS323
>configuration. The DNS-323 is actually a different SoC, but
>I believe this is discovered by mvsoc_model(), and I can confirm
>that kirkwood_intr_bootstrap() is called.
>In other words, I think makeoptions BOARDTYPE="dns323" and
>options EVBARM_BOARDTYPE=dns323 are not actually used, and
>therefore that using the DNS323 on a 325 machine is okay.
>Booting from U-boot:
>  Marvell>> tftpboot 2000000 netbsd.gz.ub; bootm 2000000


A current kernel boots fine on my Sheevaplug with the same SoC.

From what I can see on the web, the only real difference between the
DNS-325 and a Sheevaplug is that your D-Link device only has one
bank of DRAM fitted.

You could try modifying the code in initarm() that sets up the
bootconfig structure to just set up one dram block.

Robert Swindells

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