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Re: 5.1 install hangs on Certance CP3100

On Mon, 9 Jan 2012, Steve Woodford wrote:

On 15 Dec 2011, at 04:17, Diana Eichert wrote:

I'm looking at Steve's original comment when he added support for the
CP3100.  He noted he added support for the HPI workaround, however
when I look at current config file for CP3100 I do not see it, while
"options   I80321_HPI_ENABLED      # Uses the (non-maskable) HPI"
is defined in the TEAMASA_NPWR_FC config.

"options        I80321_HPI_ENABLED      # Uses the (non-maskable) HPI"
be defined in the CP3100 config?

Apologies for the late response - that option is enabled by default
for CP3100 in std.cp3100 and is absolutely required for working console
support. You don't need to duplicate the option in the main config file.

Note that I haven't run -current on my CP3100 for a long time, though
NetBSD-5 is/was known to be stable on it.



Yep, I noticed that too when I tried to compile a cross-compiled kernel.
I was using free labor cycles prior to going on winter break, now that
the new year is upon us I don't have time to work on the Certance.

thanks for the follow-up.


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