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Re: 5.1 install hangs on Certance CP3100

Hi Diana,

Thus wrote Diana Eichert (deichert%wrench.com@localhost):

> I'm looking at Steve's original comment when he added support for the
> CP3100.  He noted he added support for the HPI workaround, however
> when I look at current config file for CP3100 I do not see it, while
> "options      I80321_HPI_ENABLED      # Uses the (non-maskable) HPI"
> is defined in the TEAMASA_NPWR_FC config.
> Should
> "options        I80321_HPI_ENABLED      # Uses the (non-maskable) HPI"
> be defined in the CP3100 config?

It wasn't in the original CP3100 config, so that's not bitrot,
but OTOH it's still worth giving it a try.
Please report your results :)

spz%serpens.de@localhost (S.P.Zeidler)

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