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Seagate Dockstar, current and clock

Hello everybody,
yesterday I got a Seagate Dockstar. I compiled a evbarm system from -current, 
adapted the SHEEVAPLUG kernel according to some information I got from this 
mailing list, installed and everything is working properly.
What I've seen is that even if I let ntpd daemon running, if there's a huge I/O 
(like now, compiling some pkgsrc packages and the system is swapping on the 
disk), the clock starts to lose time. It lost many seconds in 5 minutes.

More, here's the output of "ntpq -p":

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 tucano.isti.cnr  2 u   11   64  377   24.536  4526.44 3506.33
 gamma.rueckgr.a  3 u    4   64  377   43.405  2328.81 4766.73
 sd-21102.dedibo        6 u   58   64  377   55.609  4616.32 2987.79
 hermes.develer.  2 u   50   64  377   26.046  4989.88 3070.85

The jitter gets very high and, more, I can't see the "*" and the "+" near the 
server names, so I think it's not getting in sync anymore.

Any idea?

Thank you,

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