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Re: Drive not ready errors on Dreamplug...

On May 23, 2011, at 3:04 PM, Ted Lemon wrote:
> Notice that it says that sd1 is offline when it probes it.   It doesn't 
> report sd2 and sd3 as being offline, but I can't access them.   I loaded the 
> kernel off of sd2, so the drive is working.

Oh, the other weird thing is that for sd0 it says "fabricating a geometry," but 
it doesn't say that for sd2 or sd3.   That kind of implies that it succeeded in 
loading the partition table off of the drive, and *then* stopped working.


Okay, I was being slightly stupid.   It turns out that /dev/sd2c can be 
accessed, just not the other partitions.   So I've probably misidentified the 

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