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Re: Importing Flash and NAND subsystem for NetBSD

Adam Hoka <adam.hoka%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> Latest update: http://www.netbsd.org/~ahoka/patches/flash_9.diff
> I will commit this in the following days if there are no other
> suggestions.

- Why hamming code is sys/dev rather than libkern?  Perhaps also move
  nand_crc16() there as well?
- nand_sync_thread_start: pass KTHREAD_MPSAFE to kthread_create()?
- Currently, sc_io_cv is unused i.e. you can use kpause(9) for that.
  Is nand_sync_thread() LWP supposed to be explicitly awaken later?
- flashioctl() leaks 'ei' in error path (re-check other error paths?).
- s/struct lwp *process/struct lwp *l/, to not confuse it with struct proc.
- KNF: no variable names in prototype declarations.  There are random spare
  tabs in the code (just re-read with editor making tabs/spaces visible).

General note: there are not many comments in the source code, e.g. there
are no descriptions of Bad Block Tables (BBTs), or how syncer is used, or
what is the locking protocol (and from quick glance - I would bet there
are issues with it), etc.  If you want to get more developers familiar with
the code - sprinkling more comments would make it less difficult for us.

Anyway, it is great to see this work.  Thanks!


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