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Re: NetBSD 5.0.1 Support for the TS7200

Also, there are some additional config files to change if you have the 16mb flash version. Here's what I remember doing to create /usr/src/sys/arch/evbarm/stand/gzboot/TS7200_wd0_flash_0x60e60000: - cp -Rf TS7200_flash_0x60660000 TS7200_flash_0x60e60000 and modify Makefile RELOC= 0x60e60000 and ldscript.
- Add SUBDIR to /usr/src/sys/arch/evbarm/stand/gzboot/Makefile.
- Add gzboot_TS7200_0x60e60000.bin to /usr/src/distrib/sets/lists/base/md.evbarm. - Modify /usr/src/distrib/evbarm/gzboot/gzimg/Makefile targets to RELOC_ADDR 0x60e60000 for TS7200.
- Build tools, kernel, and distribution.
- From /usr/src/distrib/evbarm/gzboot/gzimg: make DESTDIR=/usr/src/obj/destdir.evbarm MACHINE=evbarm - Find gzimg_TS7200_wd0_flash_0x60e60000 located in /usr/src/distrib/evbarm/gzboot/gzimg/obj. - Generally, follow the instructions in the evbarm ports install under Preparation for the Technologic Systems TS-7200, replacing 0x60660000 with 0x60e60000.

- Joel

From: "Ken Hornstein" <kenh%pobox.com@localhost>
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 05:50
To: <port-arm%netbsd.org@localhost>
Subject: Re: NetBSD 5.0.1 Support for the TS7200

Has anyone been able to get 5.0.1 installed and running on the TS7200.

Yes.  You need to trim the kernel config file (and, occasionally I get
a panic on startup, which seems to be something related to VM issues;
I haven't debugged it enough yet to know for sure).

Basically, you need to cut out a lot of crap from the kernel config file
and rebuild; the necessary changes are committed to the HEAD, but I didn't
have my shit together enough to request a pullup to 5.0.1.

If building a new kernel is beyond you, let me know and I can build you a
new running kernel and INSTALL image.


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