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Re: When to initialize pvh_attrs?

> It looks the assertion is wrong because pmap.h says:
> >> * The PVF_MOD and PVF_REF flags are stored in the mdpage for each
> >> * page.  PVF_WIRED, PVF_WRITE, and PVF_NC are kept in individual
> >> * pv_entry's for each page.  They live in the same "namespace" so
> >> * that we can clear multiple attributes at a time.


I thought PVF_WRITE in pvf_attrs was (ab)used to tell "this vm_page has at
least one writable pv entry", which is already known as [ku]rw_mappings.  So
PVF_WRITE is considered redundant.  I'll prepare a patch.


Masao Uebayashi / Tombi Inc. / Tel: +81-90-9141-4635

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