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Re: TS 7200 kernel image size

>> I guess it was only ever called for unconfigured devices in the past.
>I also have new lines
>WARNING: no TOD clock present
>WARNING: using filesystem time
>that weren't there with 3.1.1....

Alright, so, the short answer is: this is expected.

The code that prints that was added to inittodr() as part of the
generic todr code split, which first appeared in 4.0 (back in 3.x, the
ep93xx-specific inittodr() didn't complain if there was no TOD clock).
You never had a TOD clock, so there's no bug or really any change in
behavior; it's just now you're seeing a complaint about it :-)

If you want to buy a TOD clock, you can get one from Technologic SYstems;
it's board TS-5620, and it's $14 USD (I have no relationship with them,
just letting you know.  I didn't have one at first, and I finally sucked
it up and got one.  Of course, without that patch to epclk.c I mentioned
earlier, it won't attach properly :-/).

And if you still want me to build you a 4.0-based kernel, let me know;
I believe you'll still get the above message, so probably sticking
with 5.0 might be for the best.  So ... I think both of your issues
are benign.


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