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Re: TS 7200 kernel image size

On Sun, 2009-05-03 at 18:01 -0400, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >-epsoc0: fclk 165.89 Mhz hclk 66.36 Mhz pclk 33.18 Mhz
> >-epclk0 at epsoc0 addr 0x80810000-0x8081008f intr 35
> >+epsoc0: fclk 165.89 MHz hclk 66.36 MHz pclk 33.18 MHz
> >+epclk0 at epsoc0 addr 0x80810000-0x8081008f intr 35
> >+ addr 0x80810000-0x8081008f intr 35 not configured

It's a bug in epsoc.c (and a number of similar files). The epsoc_print()
function isn't testing whether or not it has been called in response to
an error condition. As far as I can tell, epsoc_print should return the
value "QUIET" if the parameter "name" is NULL and it shouldn't print

This means that epclk0 is probably attached, the message just says it
isn't. This is probably also why you get two copies of the "addr ...
intr 35" messages. 

I guess it was only ever called for unconfigured devices in the past.


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