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Re: TS 7200 kernel image size

On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 06:01:06PM -0400, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> Is epclk0 in your kernel config file?


> Regardless, I think this isn't
> your problem.  Does tsrtc0 attach?  (This is assuming you purchased
> the TOD clock hardware).

tsrtc0 is in the kernel config. There is no line in the dmesg output
for it (nor was there one in 3.1.1).

> If it does not, then that is also a bug I
> fixed along the way and again was too lame to submit a pullup request.
> If your problem is really a lack of tsrtc0, then check out revision 1.16
> of sys/arch/arm/epclk.c; that should fix that problem.

I've tried replacing that file from a -current tree (ep93xx missing in
path) but it didn't change anything.
epclk0 at epsoc0 addr 0x80810000-0x8081008f intr 35
 addr 0x80810000-0x8081008f intr 35 not configured

I didn't have this error with the default 3.1.1 kernel.

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