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Re: TS 7200 kernel image size

I have an open PR about this. I gave up stripping things out of the kernel and just adjusted the reserved portion of Flash. The reserved portion holds the initial boot code and the demo Linux root file system. We only need one of those.

The easiest approach appeared to be to fiddle the directory itself so that the reserved section is shorter. RedBoot still isn't always 100% happy with this, but that's only when updating the fis directory. I ran the following

  mcopy -s 0x607E0000 -d 0x00200000 -l 0x00020000
  x -b 0x200000 -1 -l 32
  mfill -b 0x20001a -p 2 -l 1 -1
  x -b 0x200000 -1 -l 32
  fis write -b 0x00200000 -l 0x00020000 -f 0x607E0000
  fis create -l 0x00160000 -f 0x60100000 -n test
fis create -b 0x00200000 -e 0x00200000 -r 0x00200000 -l 0x00160000 - f 0x60100000 test

Note the two "fis create" commands. This seems to be one of the instances where RedBoot is still a bit unhappy. It doesn't seem to want to automatically create an entry in the old reserved area when copying RAM to Flash. I guess there's something hardcoded. Booting never exhibits a problem. This is for an 8MB TS7200. Odds are that it will do nothing on any other TS7xxx, but it might catch fire and burn your home/office down.


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